Lexi Jourden
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Lexi decided to branch out into voice-over work at the age of 4 booking her first voice-over job with her real life mom, Claudia.  Lexi's voice has since been heard in numerous radio commercials, aanimated TV shows, feature films, and video games.
Lexi as "Lulu" on "Squirrel Boy" from Cartoon Network
Lexi is the voice of ‘Otsuru’ in the wildly popular new game “Afro-Samurai Resurrection’ with Samuel Jackson.
Lexi as Kioka
The producer blogged this about working with Lexi:
The second performer on the schedule was a seven year-old girl who we needed to sing a song in Japanese. Now I don’t know about you, but the seven year-olds I know barely have the attention capacity to finish eating their lunch let
alone sit in a booth, take direction and fake singing a song in a foreign language.
Lexi has voiced many animated characters in cartoons, feature films, video games, etc. She has appeared in “Kung Fu Panda 2”, the TV series “Olivia” playing best friend ‘Daisy’, the Disney Film “The Wild”, the Disney short "Bozzelbag’s Zip”, and the Disney animated TV series “Babysitter Fighting Force”. Lexi currently stars in the new series “Kioka” as ‘Kioka’ which won First Place award for Best Animation at the 2012 Shanghai TV Festival. 'Kioka' is airing all over the world to great response!
Lexi was also a recurring character on the popular Cartoon Network Series "Squirrel Boy" playing 'Lulu'.
Lexi was nominated for “Best Line” at the 2008 Spike Awards for her work as the ‘Baby Tumor’ in the Feature Film “Hellboy II”.
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Lexi as "Otsuru" in
Well, let me introduce you to Lexi Jourden. Not only did she nail it, but she managed to draw us a picture of rainbows and unicorns in between her takes.
But hey, who’s counting? As she arrived in the studio, right off the bat, she asked ‘does my character have a crush on Afro?’ She was very perceptive, smart and charming. We decided to cast a child actor instead of an adult acting as a child, because we felt it would make the character that much more convincing. It was a bit of a risk but it paid off.
Lexi as "Baby Tumor" in "Hellboy II"

Lexi on Radio Disney