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Lexi as the orange for Juicy Juice
Lexi as the orange in
Juicy Juice
How did Lexi get started in the biz?
Her mom, Claudia, was sharing with somebody that Lexi was directed by Jim Sheridan who made such films as "In America" and "My Left Foot". After hearing this, Lexi then informed her Grandfather that her director, Jim, had directed "Mama’s Left Foot".
In the fall of 2004 at the ripe old age of 3, Lexi made her debut in a national commercial for Life Cereal., directed by Oscar winning Director Jim Sheridan. On the set when Jim asked her not to look at the camera, she did her next take with her eyes closed.
Enjoying her "career" (fun food on set, kids to play with, cool stuff to do), Lexi has gone on to shoot national commercials for "State Farm", "L.L. Bean", "American Airlines", "McDonalds", "Home Depot", "Juicy Juice", "Capital One", "Sony" and "Hallmark".
Lexi in Sony commercial
Capital One
Lexi in Capital One commercial
Life Cereal