Lexi Jourden
Lexi on ABC Family TV pilot "PTA"
Lexi with Gary Dourdan on "C.S.I."
See Lexi Guest Star on "The Middle", "C.S.I.", and Sundance Film "Welcome" as Winona Ryder's daughter.
See Lexi as Series Regular on
ABC Sitcom
Lexi Jourden on the Sons & Daughters Pilot
Lexi with Dee Wallace Stone on "Sons & Daughters"
Lexi on the set of Two and a half Men
Lexi on the set of
"Two and a Half Men"
Lexi with Winona Ryder
Winona Ryder and Lexi on set of WELCOME
Lexi with Kursten Dunst
Lexi and Director Kirsten Dunst on set of WELCOME
See Lexi lead the Q&A at one of the screenings of "Welcome" at Sundance (when she wasn't skiing).
Lexi stars in the short film "Welcome", part of Glamour Reel Moments annual series, directed by Kirsten Dunst.
Lexi plays Winona Ryder's daughter in this official Sundance Film Festival 2008 Entry - a thriller in which Lexi is proud to say that she did her own stunts.
Lexi with Betty White on the Late Late Show
Lexi and Betty White on
Late, Late Show
Lexi Jourden is 11 years old and was born in Los Angeles.

She loves school, her friends, sports, and acting.

Lexi has starred in TV pilots and Films, Guest-Starred on dramas and sitcoms, and has also appeared on "The Jay Leno Show" and "The Late, Late Show".
Lexi plays John Travolta’s daughter in the new Oliver Stone Film “Savages”. She was recently a Series Regular on the ABC sitcom pilot “Nolan Knows Best” playing Brian Dennehy’s granddaughter. Lexi’s first Series Regular role was at age 4 on the Lorne Michaels ABC television sitcom "Sons & Daughters". Visit the Press/Photos page to see more about "Sons & Daughters".
Lexi at Welcome Premiere
Lexi at WELCOME Premiere
Lexi on 'The Middle'
Lexi on "The Middle"
Lexi with Ellen Barkin on 'The New Normal'
Lexi with Ellen Barkin on "The New Normal"
Lexi on 'The Middle'
Lexi with John Travolta on Oliver Stone's Film “Savages”